All you need is Glov

Glov: How to remove makeup hassle-free


It was few years ago when I first met the two founders of Glov who impressed me with their revolutionary product which I now use every day. After seeing a demonstration where they would put a waterproof Chanel lipstick on and remove it completely with just the Glov I was so intrigued I had to test it! I was even more surprised to see how the lipstick would vanish from the Glov when just washing it with a piece of normal soap leaving the Glov like new again!

Glov is made of microfibers with which you can wash your face off of any makeup (yes, even waterproof!) using nothing else that Glov and water. No hassle with demake-up lotions, pads, face scrubs and  a pulling sensation afterwards. Once your face is clean and all the make-up is on the Glov, just hand wash your Glov with a piece of natural hand soap until it is clean again and let it dry until next day. You can go on like this for up to 3 months! 

During my pregnancy, I had accepted bad skin and pimples that come with it as it was for a higher cause but after using Glov for only a week and seeing much improvement, this was much better than accepting my faith! :-) Glov is 

Soon after starting to use Glov, I quickly grew fond of it and now use it every day, even if I don't wear make-up. I used to try new cosmetics for my face every so often, thinking that it will give me a baby skin although usually I did more harm then good as a lot of products are too aggressive for my skin. Now I am happy to have found the right solution for me which I can only recommend.

Want to get to the bottom of it? You can read a more in-dept explanation here


Practicalities you may want to know...

The glove dries out relatively quickly which is important for people who travel a lot like me. 

It is best to use the Glov up to 3 months, after that the efficiency decreases and it is better to use a new one. I tried to use it again after washing it in the machine, but the results do not seem to be the same when comparing it to a new one. 

What I found out however is that this is a great tool to wash off my son's face of all stickiness he likes to  put himself under. This is how Glov gets a second life with us ;-)


Have you tested it? Feel free to share your experiences and opinions with us!



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