All year round shoes

All year round shoes

From a child's very first step, it is important for their little feet to get the right support and comfort to develop correctly. As this is a parents priority, it is also Emel's priority! Shoes from Emel are specially designed to support the right development of the feet with a guaranteed level of cuteness for girls and the right level of sturdiness for boys. 

Emel is the recipient of numerous product certificates, awards and distinctions such as “EU GUARANTEE OF THE BEST QUALITY”“Super Product”,“Laurel of the Consumer”. Worldwide, the premium quality of Emel shoes is recognised and appreciated by parents and more importantly, by orthopaedists. 

Come along to try on the shoes in order to find the perfect fit for your child. We are there to help you measure correctly with our special fitting shoes for the smallest ones and for sizes 24 and up our measuring tool from which automatically calculates 12mm ensuring the necessary length for a correct fit. 

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