• Bamboe Hydrofiele Doek Small 70x70cm (4pack) Biscuit/Ivory

Bamboe Hydrofiele Doek Small 70x70cm (4pack) Biscuit/Ivory

Bamboo is sustainable and softer than soft for the sensitive skin of your little one. It absorbs four times more moisture than cotton and it's nice and breathable. These bamboo cotton cloths are very versatile. The cloths in basic colours match perfectly with every Jollein.

This bamboo cotton cloth is perfect to use as a towel after a bath. The bamboo absorbs a lot of moisture, and thanks to the thin fabric you can dry the little skin folds easily. The soft fabric will protect the tender baby skin.

Does your baby frequently burp up food? Then you should put a bamboo cotton cloth under their head in the cradle, the stroller and the playpen. That way, you won't have to change the sheets that often, and you will protect the playpen mat.

Always make sure to bring some bamboo cotton cloths in your diaper bag when you go for a trip with your baby. They're essential. You can use this multi-cloth as a quick cover for the stroller, to protect your baby against sun and wind. And it makes a great burp cloth while feeding. It's also practical as a changing cloth, so that your baby is protected and you can leave the surface clean. Practical right? You can never have enough of these cloths.

This bamboo cotton multi-cloth is also called a bamboo cotton diaper. Cloths like this were used as diapers in the past. Now that there are single-use diapers, almost no one uses washable diapers anymore. Still, the multi-cloth can still be used for this purpose. You can have stacks of bamboo cotton diapers in the closet, you will use them for everything and there will always be a lot of them in the laundry.

So in short: stock up! These bamboo cotton cloths with a size of 70 x 70 are delivered in a 4-pack.

You can wash these cloths at a hot setting, so they are always hygienic to use again. After washing, the cloths will stay soft. You can iron them, but it's better not to. Bamboo cotton that hasn't been ironed absorbs more moisture.



Available in the colours grey, green, pink, caramel/nougat, biscuit/ivory and white


70x70 cm. Also available in XL size (115x115cm).


70% sustainable bamboo and 30% cotton.

Washing instructions

Washable up to 60 degrees. Can be dried in the dryer, okay to iron. Check the washing label for further washing instructions.

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