Comfort Cuddle Goose Plush - Green Headed

  • This lovely comforting cuddle goose plush will become the babies and toddlers best friend.
  • QUALITIES • Provide protection warmth and comfort. • Give independence: When they do not have the protection of their parents or caregivers, they give them security to be able to explore the world. The soft toys are very useful when they start to sleep alone, in the doctor's vision or when they travel by car.
  • MATERIALS • Upper soft fabric: 40% bamboo/ 40% polyester/ 20% cotton • Quilted base fabric: 50% cotton/ 50% polyester • Hypoallergenic filler 100% polyester All the materials used have the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate that makes them suitable for newborns.
  • SIZE Height to the head to feet: 49 cm/ 19.5 inches Wings width 54 cm/21.5"
Made in Spain
  • €49.99