Scarf N°115 Cobalt

100% cotton. Natural pigments of plant origin. Plant pigments can be obtained from the leaves, bark, fruits or even the roots of dye plants.

For better color retention, we recommend that you machine wash your scarves on delicate or cold mode.

No dryer.

Scarf hand-printed in a workshop in northern India, in Rajasthan.

The printing is done according to the traditional know-how of block-printing, these wooden stamps cut and carved by hand, dipped in inks of vegetable origin and manually affixed to the fabric, in several layers, with breathtaking mastery.


Printing irregularities and color nuances are visible and reflect the beauty of this traditional handicraft. Each piece is therefore unique!

The essential accessory that will brighten up all your outfits with its powder pink background.


Cotton voile scarf hand-printed in India
100cm x 100cm

  • €44.94