Marie | Breastfeeding, carrying and teething necklace

  • Soft and elegant, it allows you to add a feminine touch to your outfit. But it's also fun and secure for your little one.
  • Placed around your neck, this silicone necklace accompanies your sweet moments. And a place is created in the mom/baby relationship. It will find all its usefulness when breastfeeding or feeding the bottle.
  • This teething necklace is also very practical when wearing. Or during the period of teething.
  • Attracted and intrigued by the breastfeeding jewel, your baby will (finally!) your glasses and hair. It will focus on the latter. You won't have any more scratches or fingers in your nose. Her little hands will be busy pulling, playing or putting soft pearls in their mouths. 
  • Made in France
  • €38.40