Pacifier Cloth Terry - Biscuit

This sweet terry pacifier cloth is super practical to attach to your little one's pacifier. The pacifier will be more easy to find, and it makes a soft cuddle friend for a sense of security.

The pacifier cloth is shaped like a leaf, and the terry has an extra soft finish, making it irresistible to cuddle with. There is a button on the tip of the leaf, that your baby can fidget with to help them fall asleep.

Buy this super soft terry pacifier cloth in the colours pale pink, nougat, caramel, storm grey, ash green, biscuit or jeans blue!

Mix Match

Are you a fan of mixing and matching? Then you can choose some nice sheets or a sleeping bag to combine with your pacifier cloth. Like a sleeping bag from the Teddy Bear theme or a blanket from the Stargaze or Pure Knit theme.

About the theme

The Terry theme is a small range with three amazing products. The irresistible bath poncho with ears, the extra long washcloth and the softest pacifier cloth you ever felt.

All three items are available in trendy colours!

  • €7.99