Zebra Slippers Pink

Zebra Slippers allow children to run, jump and face any obstacles with ease.  They are handmade with high quality materials leather and cotton so that the rate of breathing comfort is assured. 

Slippers from the Slippers Family are designed together with specialists to ensure the protection and proper development of feet using a proven orthopedic design solution. 

  • Sizes: 24 - 30
  • Firm heel counter and a height above the ankle stabilizes the foot during walking 
  • Thomas heel - Thanks to inner heel wedges the weight is shifted off the arch and over to the outer border, improving foot balance and minimizing risks for flat feet
  • Built-toe, high nose - ensures proper toes spacing  .
  • Flexible rubber outsole – Ensures safety and prevents sliding even during the wildest acrobatics 
  • An opening on the outer side of the slipper allows proper breathing of the feet  
  • Zipper in the back supports putting a slipper on by just sliding in the foot
  • €19.99
  • €36.90

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