How to measure?

How do I know which size I need?

To measure your child’s feet, draw an outline of each foot on a sheet of paper and pull a diagonal line from the centre of the heel to the tip of the biggest tow of both feet. Take the longest one and add about 1cm (1 finger). The results/outcome in cm corresponds with the sizes and length of the insole on the size chart which you find on each product page. 

To get the most accurate results when measuring:
  • Socks should be on
  • The child should be standing with full weight on the feet
  • Take the measurements in the evening when the feet are at their largest

If you are still not certain which size you need don’t hesitate to ask or come by to fit them on. For the very first shoes, sizes 18 – 25 we have special measuring shoes which are open in the front to see exactly which size is needed.