About Us

MintMouse was created to offer you and your little ones products that are carefully chosen for their practicality, beauty and high quality materials.
It is an undeniable fact that when a baby arrives into a family, it is amazing how much space such a little person takes.
As new parents, even though we were warned how much stuff we were going to need, in fact we had no idea!
We want to offer what’s best for them, yet how are we supposed to make the best choices when the choice is so great.
As I couldn’t find my happiness with the local offer, I started to look elsewhere and got so excited about my findings that I decided to make them available to you too.
All the products we offer come from producers who are passionate about what they do and put all their love and affection into their creations.
We hope you find your happiness in the selection we made for you and we will be happy to hear any of your suggestions too.