The Store

Unicorner Concept Store

 Our physical shop is located at Unicorner Concept Store where our expert shoe store shares the space with The Party Ville offering party supplies, stationary, gifts, helium balloons, customized pinata's and much more next to their party planning & wedding planning services. 
Children can discover fun toys in our play corner and take a ride on our wooden Emel horse while you shop with us. A changing table is also available for emergency nappy changes when needed.
We are happy to announce we have moved to a new, much bigger location. We are still working on the details but you are welcome to visit us. We have got plenty of space for new products, much larger storage room we have always been missing and lots of parking in front of the shop.

There will also be more surprises coming this spring but already now we are eager to see you in our new place.

1a Route de Luxembourg, 7240 Walferdange
Parking is available in front of the store

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.