Emel takes care of children feet since 20 years with success and is now one of the leaders in Europe specializing in First Shoes for children.

It started with one man producing a small collection creating 12 pairs of shoes by hand a day. In response to the changing needs of children and the growing awareness of parents, they extended their offer by taking on new challenges. Thanks to many years of experience and know-how, they understand the importance of first shoes for children. With Emel shoes feet develop correctly in a healthy way and get the right support from the first steps. 

Today over 20 trained artisans create together 120 000 pairs per year of these little wonders with the highest precision. Their aim is to maintain the traditional, manual assembly system that guarantees the highest quality and they are the only one in Europe to do so. They have a wonderful crew consisting of 32 people who are dedicated to develop this unique concept in Europe!

Important aspects of the production that makes Emel Shoes unique:

  • Every shoe is assembled without plastic stiffeners and metallic nails
  • The outsoles are made to be thin, very flexible and anti-slip.
  • The heel counter is hardened to the right level to bring stability and support to the feet, but not too stiff as it would hinder the child in it's movements.
  • The insole is made to be thin and not too soft as too soft insole causes instability for the child. The more contact with the earth the more confident your child will start walking
  • Hand assembly is crucial because no machine is capable of sensing effectively the delicate tension to be applied during production
  • Emel has found the ideal balance between nice design and healthy shoes which allow feet to develop properly from the first steps
  • All leather used by Emel is carefully chosen to be free of carcinogenic chromium and tanned with natural products.