Emel's story

Emel takes care of children's feet for over 20 years already and is continuously developing.

In 1998 Emel opened up their production atelier. It all started with one craftsman producing 12 pairs of shoes a day by hand. Their priority was and still is to maintain the traditional ways of assembling the shoes manually as Emel believes this is the only way to guarantee the highest quality as an end result.

In response to the changing needs and growing awareness of parents Emel decided to focus on what's most important and specialized in first shoes.

Today the Emel team consists of over 50 dedicated people who work with the highest precision to make sure your little ones will walk their first steps with confidence and develop healthy feet while looking amazingly good wearing their creations. 

Every employee at Emel knows the specificity of children's feet and their mission is to ensure each pair of Emel shoes brings joy to the child wearing them.