How to use the reusable warming pad

To activate the warmer, bend the stick (activator) placed inside the warmer (do not break it). Repeat a few times until the gel starts to crystallize. The pad becomes warm after few minutes. The maximum temperature that will be reached is 54°C. The activated warmer should be placed inside the etui MR B. In order to use the warmer again boil it for about 10 minutes, until all the salt crystals are dissolved. The warmer can be covered with a cloth while boiling. Finally leave the warmer to cool down at room temperature or put it into cold water. 



- Protect the warmer from scratching or perforating. Do not use the warmer if it is no longer hermetically sealed. 

- Do not put the activated warmer directly onto your baby's skin. Use it only with the etui MR B

- The warmer itself is not a toy, do not allow your baby to play with it.

- Etui MR B and the warmer pad are not suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher

- Remember to always remove the warmer from the etui after use. When the warmer is removed, the MR B etui toy can then be used as a cuddly toy.