Lullalove is a modern design studio founded in 2013 by two young sisters Anna and Joanna. They are inspired by simplicity and functionality of products for little ones. They strive to combine functionality, high-quality materials, ideas and utility in our products. They aim to make parent’s life easier and at the same time make children smile. They always consider prices and do their best to design practical and affordable products. Thanks to our art & design education, years of experience, and above all customers’ appreciation in Poland and Europe we are certain that you also will love us and share our passion.

As sisters they used to share their room, toys, free time, during their childhood. They still love to share, but now it’s a passion for design and original solutions. They have totally different personalities but both appreciate eco-friendly design and high-quality products. Their story with Lullalove started during Anna’s pregnancy. On her maternity leave she started to think about her own business. The idea to start something of her own was also close to her sister’s heart and her vision of a professional career. Anna's first son was the inspiration for their first product - SuperToy MR B. Anna was trying to find black&white products already during her pregnancy, but it was extremely difficult in Poland at the time. Then, came colics... Only warming and massage helped them survive. And that is how the idea was born. Anna as a first time mom would always notice a lack of appropriate products for newborns, – particularly in terms of good design. It was really hard to find affordable products that combine functionality, high-quality materials and a modern design.

Joanna, freshly graduated from the School of Design at the University of Edinburgh enjoys finding efficient solutions for design problems, loves to create new products (and she is really looking forward to design her own collection inspired by the outer space). That’s why Lullalove is a perfect balanced team that enjoy the act of creation and problem solving with love for natural products and fabrics. That's why their swaddles are made from 100% bamboo or bamboo and algae. This algae fabric is amazing for premature little ones! They have a lot of new ideas that are waiting to be designed. Their plans for the nearest future are to create more ecological products and start collaborating with young designers.