Barefoot Ankle Shoe Danish Napa - Chocolate


I am Danish, I am made with a Barefoot shape that has a medium toe box that allows ample room for toes to wiggle and spread comfortably. Comfort is my top priority, but I also believe in durability and quality. My upper material is made from napa leather, not only that, but my lining is chrome-free leather, making me an eco-friendly choice that supports sustainability. I come equipped with both a side zipper and a lace-up closure. Discover the perfect harmony of comfort and freedom with barefoot shoes.


  • Upper Material: Napa Leather

  • Lining: Chrome-free Leather

  • Sole: 100% rubber 

  •  Insole: Removable & recycled

  • Closure: Adjustable Side Zipper and Lace-up 

  • Flat sole: 0.5 mm

    Napa Description

    Smooth touch with a natural grain structure offers a degree of water resistance that enables the leather to get slightly wet. It is a durable, breathable, and sustainable material.

    Tanning and finishing made by the Europe REACH regulations and produced by LWG (Leather Working Group) certificated tannery.


    Previne solar radiation and constant contact during a long period with liquids. If this does not happen, the leather can suffer discoloration due to its characteristics. 


    • Not washable
    • Use a cotton cloth dampened with natural soap and gently sweeps the entire surface
    • Let it dry without being in direct contact with exposure to the sun.


    • €99.95