• (2743) Emel Children’s Shoes  -Rozmiar

(2743) Emel Children’s Shoes -Rozmiar

Emel is the only hand-made children's shoes in Poland. Made so perfectly that they have a Lifetime Warranty. 
They are made in a manufactory where enthusiasts take care of children's feet. 
No machine is able to sense the stresses of delicate leathers that should be used in children's shoes - that is why the capabilities of human hands are irreplaceable.
Leather is the main structural element that has a direct impact on the comfort, functionality and appearance of a shoe. All leather used in the production of shoes does not contain carcinogenic chromium. The shoes rest from 12 to 36 hours so that the skin can relax and keep the proper shape, without the use of plastic stiffeners - there is no time elsewhere. The child's comfort first of all, then style and fashion. Great models, created in accordance with this combination, are an advantage of the Emel company.
The highest quality of Emel is appreciated by parents, but above all by orthopedic doctors. 
  • €89.00