• Emel winter waterproof snow boots  Navy Blue EV2778-3

Emel winter waterproof snow boots Navy Blue EV2778-3

Emel EVEREST snow boots for the youngest are the perfect choice for your little one during winter adventures in the fresh air. These unique shoes are made for comfort, protection and durability so that your child can enjoy winter fun in complete safety.

The outer material is high-quality natural leather combined with durable waterproof material, which gua

rantees that your child's feet will stay dry even during light and fleeting rainfall. An additional layer of protection is the Te-Pore membrane, which makes the boots waterproof and your child can play in the snow without worry.

Emel snow boots have been additionally enriched with a special water-repellent coating that increases the protection of the boots and keeps moisture away from your little one's feet.

The inside of these shoes is pure comfort and warmth. The insulation made of natural wool and the insulated insole provide optimal thermal insulation that keeps your feet warm in all conditions.

The shoes have a double Velcro closure, making it easy to put on and take off, which is comfortable for both parent and child. The tongue of the shoe is connected to the upper so that water does not get inside the shoe, which is important when your child runs on wet and snowy terrain.

The sole is non-slip, which provides stability and confidence in steps on slippery surfaces. This allows your child to run around and play freely outside, regardless of the weather conditions.

Product Advantages:

  • Color: dark pink, light pink
  • Outer material: Genuine leather combined with durable fabric material
  • Wool lining: The soft and natural wool lining regulates the temperature and keeps your feet warm. This guarantees comfort throughout the day.
  • Te-Por membrane - the shoes are equipped with an advanced Te-Por®® membrane that provides excellent protection against moisture. It acts as a shield, effectively wicking moisture away from the shoe and ensuring proper ventilation of the feet. This keeps your baby's feet dry and comfortable while maintaining hygiene.
  • The tongue combined with the upper provides effective protection against water ingress.
  • The water-repellent coating effectively strengthens the protection against light and showers.
  • Thanks to the adjustable Velcro fasteners, the shoes are adapted to children of different ages. Velcro fasteners make it easy to fit and fasten the shoes comfortably and quickly


  • €109.00