Mini Kelly Sunglasses


- Branches : Adjustable (at an optician) ✊
Glasses : Category 3, UV400, polarized TAC.
Materials: Recycled polycarbonate.
Finish: Matte touch.
Sizes: 3 sizes available.
Hinges : Spring loaded.
- Colors : Bicolor Blue / Pink.  

Sunglasses delivered with : Time To Be Cool" recyclable packaging, felt pouch, textile wipe microfiber.

It's time to fall for the Mini Kelly Sunglasses. With their colorful and modern look, they have something to make kids proud. And, they protect their eyes perfectly. It's the perfect combo! Like our entire Kids Eyewear Collection, this is a 100% unisex model. And then, with Ludo, we wanted to create a design of Sunglasses for kids, singular and not like the others 🥰

Care instructions and composition

Materials and finish: Recycled polycarbonate frame, matte touch.
Branches : Spring hinges and adjustable branches (at an optician).
- Protection: Category 3 lenses, UV400, TAC polarized.


Our lenses have been tested by our manufacturer and by our teams to ensure that they comply with all UV standards (European and international). 

We have chosen polarized Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) lenses to improve the visual comfort of children and to prevent them from being dazzled by the reverberation of light; whatever the context of use and the time of year. 

Maintenance: Remember to regularly and gently clean the lenses of the glasses with the microfiber wipe provided. 



  • €29.90