Non-slip Socks Bamboo Sand, Liberty Ruffle

Exclusive non-slip bamboo socks with beautiful Liberty print ruffle.

The non-slip socks can be worn as high socks or folded down to match the outfit.

Liberty prints, with their silky soft fabrics and iconic prints, are a perfect match for the super soft bamboo socks.

GoBabyGo non-slip socks in soft bamboo, with non-slip soles and rubber pads on top of the toes, make sure your child does not slide on slippery surfaces when starting to crawl and walk.

The bamboo material is very soft and feels like a combination of silk and cashmere and is therefore very suitable for sensitive baby skin. The non-slip socks will stimulate your child’s motor skills, balance, and self-confidence.

The exclusive Liberty collection has 8 beautiful prints that complement the color of the socks and bring out the playful and innovative design.

    • €14.95